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Fridge Season

It’s a new year, and things have picked up again after Christmas. Are you still writing down 2015 dates on everything? It happens.

Fridge_SeasonEvery once in a while we’ll be heavily focused on one type of project. Sometimes we’ll have a steady workflow of signs to design and produce, or sometimes it will be vehicle after vehicle. So far this month, we have designed and wrapped over a dozen fridges for hockey teams and local businesses. They just keep pouring in.

The problem that we sometimes face is creating a unique design. We don’t want to mass produce, have copy cat fridges, or use similar fonts and colours that if you displayed all the fridges together, they’d blend together. Each design starts with a base design, and then we choose the overall style of the fridge.

You’ll see below some of the designs we’ve done in the past couple weeks. These are the doors of the fridges, but we also wrap the sides and top to customize the entire fridge.

If you like what you see, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us. Send us an email for a quote on a fridge for yourself!

Why Choose the Pros?

Why not?

Let me tell you- there is nothing quite like an art ready file that is from: Your friend’s cousin’s aunt who does design work as a hobby.

Chances are the art that you are getting at a low price, comes at a low resolution. So we’ll end up taking the art, and either recreating it, or starting over all again. Why pay twice for the same thing? We want to do it right the first time. The two designers here at Source Embroidery are professionally trained. Not only did we go to school for it, we also did it in our spare time because of the love of it. I was using design software for years before I even decided to choose Graphic Design as my profession.

Before working in a sign shop, I was very uneducated on how all of these larger than life projects came to life. Never saw a printer bigger than your inkjet desktop printer. I’ve taken my knowledge from the previous years, and applied it to create beautiful, basic, and effective signage.

There is a reason we have repeat customers, and that is quality. Everything we do is an original design. We do our homework. We’ll take pieces and elements from different types of designs to make a completely new and custom piece of work for you. Even if it’s a simple white t-shirt with black text on it, we won’t just put the first font we see on the shirt and send it out the door (unless that is what you are requesting). Even the smallest of projects are more custom than you think.

Every day here at Source Embroidery, we are designing something new. It’s not a single project daily, it’s a half a dozen or a dozen. A busy shop like ours requires us to come up with new innovative concepts to make you unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to do that.

That’s why we come in every day- it’s always something new and different.

9 Facts About Your Custom Signage

Most people will come into the store and have no idea how to approach their sign project. It’s our job to ask the pertinent questions that can give us a base to go from. What colours do you like? Do you have a current logo? Do you have copy to include? Sometimes when you have vague information it’s hard for us to create for you. So we’ll often send you to Google® to get inspired and give us a guideline to get started. We like to give options. We are here to give advice and steer you away from anything from bad colour choices, bad fonts, and just bad ideas in general.

Our goal is a sign that makes you money rather than costs you money. Outside of basic informational signs, most signs are opportunities to bring in business and driving sales. We want to maximize that potential for you and help you get the most advertising value from your signage.

A sign can be made to fit almost any budget. We make signs for $50 and we make signs for $5000 or more. Materials, techniques and the time involved determine the cost of the finished sign. Knowing your budget helps us tailor your sign to what you can afford.

Your budget is important. We understand that every small business has limits on what it can spend. We’ll respect your budget and give you as much value as possible for it. That’s how we keep our customers coming back and what keeps them referring other business to us.

We honor copyrighted material. Our designs are protected by copyright law, just as the artwork of other designers is legally protected. Please don’t ask us to reproduce copyrighted material. Please note that all work created by us remains our property unless we agree otherwise in writing.

A deposit is required. Design work and signage are custom products created specifically for your needs. A deposit is necessary to move forward on your work.

The balance is due on completion. Like many small companies who strive to keep their operating costs down so that they can keep prices for customers like you affordable, we require payment upon completion of your project. If for any reason this will not be possible, it must be discussed before work begins. Please do not assume our terms are otherwise.

Keep copy to a minimum. Research shows that nothing hurts the effectiveness of a sign like saying too much on it. On average your audience has a mere five seconds to read your sign. Those enormous roadside billboards typically have messages of 8 words or less – because research shows that viewers start tuning them out if there’s more to read than that. Limit the messages to essentials for best results.

There are a lot of boring signs out there. That’s good news for you, because for just a little extra you can have a well-designed sign that stands out from the crowd.

Review your signage order carefully. Errors in phone numbers and spelling can happen and we don’t want it to happen on your sign. Before you sign off on the order, please double check the text.

We look forward to providing you quality custom signage that does it’s job for you. Whether you’re trying to build your brand, guide customers, or announce promotions, there’s no better or more inexpensive way to do it than with a sign.