Fridge Season

It's a new year, and things have picked up again after Christmas. Are you still writing down 2015 dates on everything? It happens. Every once in a while we'll be heavily focused on one type of project. Sometimes we'll have a steady workflow of signs to design and produce, or sometimes it will be vehicle [...]

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Why Choose the Pros?

Why not? Let me tell you- there is nothing quite like an art ready file that is from: Your friend's cousin's aunt who does design work as a hobby. Chances are the art that you are getting at a low price, comes at a low resolution. So we'll end up taking the art, and either [...]

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9 Facts About Your Custom Signage

Most people will come into the store and have no idea how to approach their sign project. It’s our job to ask the pertinent questions that can give us a base to go from. What colours do you like? Do you have a current logo? Do you have copy to include? Sometimes when you have vague [...]

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