Why not?

Let me tell you- there is nothing quite like an art ready file that is from: Your friend’s cousin’s aunt who does design work as a hobby.

Chances are the art that you are getting at a low price, comes at a low resolution. So we’ll end up taking the art, and either recreating it, or starting over all again. Why pay twice for the same thing? We want to do it right the first time. The two designers here at Source Embroidery are professionally trained. Not only did we go to school for it, we also did it in our spare time because of the love of it. I was using design software for years before I even decided to choose Graphic Design as my profession.

Before working in a sign shop, I was very uneducated on how all of these larger than life projects came to life. Never saw a printer bigger than your inkjet desktop printer. I’ve taken my knowledge from the previous years, and applied it to create beautiful, basic, and effective signage.

There is a reason we have repeat customers, and that is quality. Everything we do is an original design. We do our homework. We’ll take pieces and elements from different types of designs to make a completely new and custom piece of work for you. Even if it’s a simple white t-shirt with black text on it, we won’t just put the first font we see on the shirt and send it out the door (unless that is what you are requesting). Even the smallest of projects are more custom than you think.

Every day here at Source Embroidery, we are designing something new. It’s not a single project daily, it’s a half a dozen or a dozen. A busy shop like ours requires us to come up with new innovative concepts to make you unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to do that.

That’s why we come in every day- it’s always something new and different.